Redbull 401k web application, Email Marketing Campaign

Project Details

I designed and developed this custom microsite web application as part of Transamerica’s digital retirement planning initiative, while also designing custom email campaigns and analytics dashboards that drove a 25% increase in retirement plan enrollments and 52% increase in website engagement.

Based upon user feedback of the current website, the goal was to deliver actionable, interactive resources via a branded experience in order to motivate Red Bull employees to enroll and engage in their retirement savings plan.


UX Design Process


1) Website Analytics



2) Persona Development



3) User Flow



4) Task Analysis



5) Wireframes



6) Hi-Fidelity Prototypes

chrisstrange-ux-design-redbull401k-prototype-ipad1 chrisstrange-ux-design-redbull401k-prototype-ipad2up



  • 25% increase in retirement plan enrollments
  • 52% increase in website sessions